Anybody can become unhappy, depressed, addicted, homeless, destitute and at-risk. SIFA Fireside’s services are here to stand by the people of Birmingham while they rebuild their lives with safety and dignity. SIFA Fireside provides an ever-evolving range of responsive services. These include: supporting tenants to pay their electricity bill without a smartphone, enabling clients from the EU to retrieve their birth certificate and making sure that essential needs are met.


Together, we can prevent homelessness

The Adult Support Hub (ASH) strives for early intervention and homelessness prevention for single adults and childless couples aged over 25 in Birmingham. Funded by Birmingham City Council, The ASH provides tailor-made services for each individual’s set of unique circumstances.

This can range from offering money and welfare benefits advice, health and wellbeing services and guidance with regards to specialist housing.
Maintaining employment is, of course, an integral part of preventing homelessness which is why SIFA Fireside hosts Job Clubs and CV workshops, English Language sessions and regularly signposts clients to employability training and budgeting workshops.


Together, we can work through crisis

From hot meals and food parcels, showers and clean clothes, to conversation and an internet connection, our Drop-in Centre enables clients’ basic needs to be met, all of the time. Our services don’t stop after meal times though; we can provide a ‘Care Of’ postal address, safe document storage and access to a range of health services including a nurse, optician, chiropractor, podiatrist and mental health support.

SIFA Fireside is also part of a consortium set up to focus on women’s rough sleeping, with the emphasis on creating a pathway model for prevention, crisis and recovery. We engage in outreach and specific services which enable vulnerable women to see SIFA FIreside as a safe space in which to rebuild their lives with dignity.


Together, we can support recovery

One of our main aims is to get to a point where our clients don’t need SIFA Fireside anymore. This journey to independence includes access to mental health services, the teaching and development of life skills, advice to find and keep accommodation, legal advice signposting and specialist services for specific client groups.

Our Drop-In Centre has recently started to welcome an increasing number of individuals from an Eastern and Central European background. Our newly appointed Central and Eastern European Project Worker is situated at SIFA specifically to support this group of clients in everything from translation, to job applications and official documentation retrieval.

Our Tenancy Support Services works alongside clients to make sure that their tenancy is sustainable through advice on Welfare Benefits and Universal Credit, interactive Finance and Budgeting workshops and even ensuring that houses are sufficiently furnished. To send a referral directly to Financial Inclusion and Housing, please email

Getting into the world of work is essential to a successful move on for our clients. Our Building Employability programme raises awareness of the challenges that former homeless or exploited individuals face when trying to secure gainful employment. In conjunction with our corporate partners, we provide specialist training and advice to organisations who are striving to make their employment more accessible.

Your donations rebuild lives.