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This Month

Birmingham Design

For the past few years Birmingham Design Festival has been a celebration of the creativity in Birmingham and the wider design community.

In this competition, we want you to join in the fun, celebrating our region, community and the pride we feel in it. The 'City of a 1000 Trades' remains a creative powerhouse, and we want you to demonstrate that visually and celebrate the second city.

We'd like you to produce a postcard featuring a design that illustrates what Birmingham means to you. Your submission can be decorative, political, ornamental, personal, experimental, abstract, confrontational or simple – whatever you like.

To enter the competition, simply post your card to SIFA Fireside, 48-52 Allcock Street, B9 4DY
Or email your entry to

This Month

SIFA Stories

As the temperature in the city begins to drop, we are shining a light on rough sleeping. Hear from our clients about the issues that people face and find out about the best ways to help people sleeping rough in Birmingham.

In this episode of SIFA Stories, we hear stories from people who are rough sleeping and we learn about the projects and charities that are helping and protecting these extremely vulnerable members of our community.

Take a listen at the Spotify link below.

This Month


Just one small thing... This month we are asking our BIG Brummie community to sign up to Streetlink. Help us to connect people who are rough sleeping with the services that can offer support.

Sign up for Streetlink using the link below.

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