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Gift Aid FAQs: for our Supporters

What is Gift Aid?

  • Claiming Gift Aid on donations is a great way for charities to make extra income from tax-paying supporters.
  • Donating with Gift Aid means SIFA Fireside can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give, at no extra cost to you.
  • Donors must have paid sufficient tax in the current tax year to be able to Gift Aid their donations.

Gift Aid Rules

  • Your donations will qualify as long as they’re not more than 4 times what you have paid in tax in that tax year (6 April to 5 April).
  • The tax could have been paid on income or capital gains.

How is Gift Aid claimed?

  • Fill out the Gift Aid declaration below. This means Gift Aid can be claimed on all donations you have made in the last 4 years, and any donations you will make in the future.
  • Please get in touch with us at if you have not paid sufficient tax during this time and we can ensure your Gift Aid declaration dates are valid.
  • You must inform us in the future if you are no longer paying tax.

What information is required on a Gift Aid Declaration?

  • Title
  • Full name (first and surname)
  • First line of address
  • Postcode
  • Date of declaration
  • Declaration box MUST be ticked

Please visit the HMRC website for more information:

Gift Aid Declaration