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Leading Birmingham charity SIFA Fireside will be opening its doors to welcome local organisations working with vulnerable adults to find out more about its Adult Support Hub (ASH). The afternoon, which will take place on Tuesday April 12th between 2pm and 4pm will give organisations the chance to explore partnership working opportunities and how they can make referrals into the service. 

The Adult Support Hub is an Adult Social Care commissioned service that aims to assist adults and childless couples over the age of 25. The primary objective of the service is to ensure that individuals receive the support they need as early as possible and prevent them from falling into more costly and damaging crisis further down the line.   

The ASH provides a one-stop shop for vulnerable adults requiring support. Specialist workers provide assistance across a range of areas from help with maintaining accommodation, improving health and wellbeing to increasing aspirations for the future. Organisations attending on the day will be able to hear directly from frontline workers and discuss best practice approaches.

Rasheal Campbell, ASH Service Lead said; “We know that there are more people than ever starting to experience challenges whether that’s financially, managing their property or with their mental health.

The ASH exists to catch people before they fall and that’s why we want to work with as many community organisations as possible to ensure people know where they can go to get help.

It is vitally important that people feel welcome and included – the more partners we can work with the more this message will be heard and the more vulnerable people we will be able to prevent hitting crisis.”

Working in partnership with other agencies, The ASH support with:

  • Accessing health and wellbeing services
  • Access to mental health support
  • Budgeting and money management
  • Routes into employment and training
  • Long term move-on into independent accommodation
  • Welfare benefits issues
  • Engaging with community activities
  • Reconnecting and building positive relationships
  • Accessing appropriate support from statutory services.
  • Maintaining accommodation

The ASH is open to single adults and childless couples over the age of 25 and who are not statutory homeless. Anyone with a local connection to Birmingham and the capacity to independently decision make can access support.

Robb Sheppard