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Time To Tackle Homelessness

Resources for Schools and Youth Groups


There are plenty of ways to get your students inspired and engaged with our work… take a look below and get in touch with us at

SIFA Fireside’s story begins in the streets of Birmingham in the 1980s. The charity was founded by Sister Sabina, a pillar of the Irish community in Birmingham with a commitment to providing a safe space for vulnerable and marginalised people in the city.

As a former teacher and headteacher, Sister Sabina was heavily involved with schools across Birmingham and dedicated her life to her community.

Since the very beginning, we have worked collaboratively with our community and engaged the support of younger generations to help us with our work.

Giving future generations the tools and knowledge to help tackle homelessness.

We believe it is vital to start having conversations about homelessness with children and young people, to help destigmatise the issues surrounding homelessness and give them the opportunity to get involved in supporting vulnerable members of their community.

Educational Activities and Resources

Download resources below to get the conversation started about homelessness with young people.

These can be used in the classroom to help engage students with the issues affecting their community.

Homelessness Worksheet Pack
What does it feel like to be homeless?
Organise a Class Debate
SIFA Fireside Postcard Activity


Click the resources below to download and use in classrooms and assemblies.

Or get in touch with us and our team can deliver a presentation, either at school or via zoom.

SIFA Fireside Primary School Presentation
SIFA Fireside Secondary School Presentation

Fundraising Ideas and Challenges

Put the fun into fundraising this school year with these engaging fundraising challenges tailored specifically for the classroom.

Fundraising Ideas and Challenges for Young People

Positive Action

Inspire students to take action to support their community in Birmingham.

Supporting Rough Sleepers
Get Baking for SIFA Fireside
Arrange a Collection

Harvest Festival

Get your students involved in cooking up some autumnal recipes while collecting vital items for our food store. Download your recipe cards below!

Harvest Festival Recipe Cards
Our most needed items...

BIG Brummie Campout

Every year we celebrate our BIG Brummie community with a BIG Brummie Campout, getting family, friends, schools and community groups to camp out in their back gardens to support SIFA Fireside.

Our Campout is the perfect opportunity to get young people involved in our work and supporting their community.

Click below to register your school or youth group for a BIG Brummie Campout in Summer 2024!

First Give

First Give is an organisation helping students to make the lives of others better.

They run a structured, eight-lesson programme that inspires and empowers young people to take action to make a positive change in society.

This fully resourced, curriculum linked scheme of work is co-delivered in school with teachers across Year 7-10.

Click below to find out more…